Nomadk was commissioned to conceptualize taking NICEHOUSE a high street furniture retailer representing brands such B & B italia, Vitra, Minotti, emeco, zanotta, e15 Cassina, Cappellini  to name a few. It was envisioned that the brand would reject the formal framework and high street retailing position which with increasing costs and dilution of their USP cheaper brands of lesser quality and name opened nearby to capitalize footfall to nicehouse offering lower cost lesser quality product. This shift in market made it difficult to differentiate between serious and non serious customers. 

NICEHOUSE wanted to stand out as premium destination for soft furnishings for affluent home owners and for project professionals. We imagined a flexible industrial warehouse space to display multiple brands. Previously in their high street position space to display was extremely restricted. By moving to cheaper larger premises NICEHOUSE was ultimately able to afford five times the space. Choosing the derelict warehouse as its USP it was to further emphasize and juxtapose the difference and beauty of the products. Ultimately our concept was used to gain buy-in and funding and sponsorship from a number of the the premium brands finally nicehouse moved to a derelict Victorian school and a number of furniture design commissions. Primarily we seek to understand our patron’s business and using our knowledge skills, experience and by thinking outside the box we can improve our clients’ businesses.