Was conceived for a major hotel Brand in Dubai. Designed to complement their overly  successful Asian restaurant the food concept was position work at and alternative overflow and or to stand alone. Bothe restaurants are based around group dining with the energy from the kitchen give centre stage.

Bonsai is based around traditional Japanese Yakitori (barbecue skewers) from the simple, to the classic Japanese recipes for those who are more adventurous. Bonsai was designed to be partially hidden from view. To enter one must pass through the vivid Bamboo forest for us discovery intrigue and anticipation are essential ingredients in the customer experience.

Bonsai is a social experience and a great place for groups of friends or an impromptu way to meet new people. Unlike the first restaurant Bonsai allows direct interaction between guest and chef. The menu is limited but authentic drinks are limited to Japanese teas sake and beer. The restaurant comprises of several circular single chef kitchen station which allow every diner to interact with the authentic culinary theatre.