Andrew Barley


CODE Business Tower

Al Barsha

Dubai UAE

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Designing spaces for creatives is difficult but designing one own office possibly harder. It is very difficult as we brim with ideas and theories so it is often more difficult to arrive at one direction. Our own office design had to convey our Creativity ethics, principles and be a place to exhibit and communicate our work. As a new Design business, we developed the studio in parallel with our own creative DNA mission. We have created a neutral backdrop to showcase our projects to our partners A darker palette of materials was chosen to visually focus on our work.





Our office is designed and crafted as a machine to communicate our designs and supports new communication tools such as VR. One of our founding principles of office structure is that of numbers, these are capped at any one studio to preserve quality focus and communications. in addition, we allow some flexible space for collaboration and temporary increases to handle larger projects.