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1201 CODE Business Tower

Al Barsha

Dubai UAE

1 Kato Vrysis



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At NOMADK, we approached the design of the Investment Group Office with a vision to create a modern workspace that seamlessly blends functionality with contemporary aesthetics. This cutting-edge office building features an array of elements designed to enhance collaboration, flexibility, and overall work efficiency.

Co-working spaces are integrated into the office layout, fostering collaboration and dynamic interaction among team members. Open layouts, modular furniture, and strategically positioned workstations create an environment that encourages creativity and communication.

The office embraces the concept of private calling booths from Kettal, adding a touch of sophistication to the workspace. These sleek and acoustically designed spaces offer a retreat for private conversations, ensuring a balance between open collaboration and confidential discussions.





Modern ceilings, lighting fixtures, and screens are strategically incorporated throughout the office. The ceilings feature modern design elements that enhance the overall aesthetic, while thoughtfully placed lighting fixtures provide ample illumination. Screens integrated into the workspace offer a versatile tool for information sharing, presentations, and dynamic communication.

Our design prioritizes functionality, ensuring that every aspect of the office serves a purpose. From the layout of workstations to the choice of furniture and materials, each element is meticulously selected to contribute to a workspace that enhances productivity and employee well-being.

The Investment Group Office is a testament to our commitment to creating work environments that transcend traditional office spaces. It is a modern, dynamic hub that reflects the values of the investment group while providing a functional and aesthetically pleasing workspace for its team members. Explore the NOMADK touch in every corner, where modern design meets the demands of a forward-thinking investment group.

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